Female Libido Boosters

Female libido is affected by a lot of factors and a low sex drive in women could well be a result of various physiological and psychological factors. Enhancing female libido requires addressing these issues so as to rekindle the desire to have sex in your life.


Women face the loss of sex drive due to various reasons. Stress and depression are the most common of all reasons that affect your desire to have sex. Other factors that affect female libido include low hormone levels, alcoholism or side effects of certain medications.

Pregnant women often lose sexual urges because of Hyperprolactinaemia, an abnormal level of prolactin in women that often result in low libido. Women’s low testosterone level and estrogen level also drag their sexual appetite down.

Apart from these factors, there could be certain sociological factors also at play. For instance, most women are unable to enjoy sexual intercourse when they are going through relationship problems. Lack of communication with their partner often leads to depression which translates into diminishing interest in sex or the desire to have sex.

Female Libido Enhancement

Though male enhancement is a big industry, there are just a select few good products that can help women regain their interest in sex and rejuvenate their sex lives. Of these certain herbal preparations are known to work well for enhancing female sex drive. These herbs include:

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is known to increase blood flow to the clitoris.

Tribulus Terrestris: This herb is known for its libido enhancing properties. It is not only used to increase sexual interest in women but also in men.

Epimedium Sagittatum: A sexual stimulant for women. Warming and invigorating the core energy of the body.

Apart from these herbs HerSolution also consists of niacin, hops extract, mucuna pruriens, melatonin etc.

The unique blend of all natural ingredients balances the hormones that control sexual activity. Moreover, it can also boost fertility and strengthens the reproductive system. It does not have any side effects and does not interfere with any other medication that you might be talking.

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“I was concerned about the side effects of certain medicines and my doctor suggested natural medication. Getting a natural libido enhancer comprising ginseng, ginkgo, magnolia and other ingredients was much of
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– Jane Soe, California, USA


“Just after my first child, I lost all my interest in sex which made my husband irritated. Hersolution has been a big step in the right direction and has changed my libido a great deal. My husband says he loves my new interest in sex now”
– Lindsey Logan, Florida, USA

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HERSOLUTION is an amazing formula to enhance sex drive and libido in women.

Hersolution is a completely natural formula and has been approved and recommended by doctors. It is one of the reasons why women are buying it in huge numbers.

PROVESTRA is another highly popular brand of female libido enhancers.

Both these brands are highly recommended by doctors and do not have kind of side effects.

However, Hersolution also comes in the form of a gel under the brand name Hersolution Gel for women who do not want to take pills. This gel is equally effective in rekindling the desire to have sex in women.

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